Showband Sternse Slotlanders

Showband Sternse Slotlanders was foundated in 1955 and is well known in the Music– and Showscene. The many performances every year during tattoos, streetparades and other festivities do prove this.

Our Showband is a malletband. Besides snare-drums, sixt tenors, cimbles and a 3 voice tuned baseline, a wide range of mallets are used. We mention: Marching Bells, Xylofones, Marimba’s and a Mellowfone. It is this specific combination of instruments which makes the own specific sound of the band. This is also reason why the Sternse Slotlanders are a welcome change besides the many windbands.

The band is completed with a high standard Color Guard. They make every performance complete because of their visual effect.

The repertoire of the Sternse Slotlanders consists mostly of popular tunes well known by the audience. Songs taken from Earth, Wind & Fire, TOTO, Riverdance and Phill Collins and Paul Simon are always a succes with the audience.

The Sternse Slotlanders compete in the highest division of the Dutch Association for Showbands (KNFM). They have won the so called Dayprice during the World Music Contest of Kerkrade in 1997 and Gold medals in 1993, 1997, 2001 and 2005.

Besides our Showband, the Sternse Slotlanders also have a Youthband inside its doors. About 40 young people at the age of 9-15 are being prepared for the Showband during their stay here. This youthband also does several performances all over the country during the season. They compete in the youth division of the Dutch Association of Showbands (KNFM). In 1998 this group performed very well during the Millitary Tattoo of Breda. Besides that they reached good results during the National Youth Festivals and other Contests.

From the age of 7 children can join the Sternse Slotlanders in the several education classes for music as well dance.

If we have interested you in our band with this text, then we would gladly provide you with more information.

Showband Sternse Slotlanders
P.O. Box 37
8800 AA Franeker
The Netherlands

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